Column palletizer with bottles layer rotating arm

MT 594

Main features

Production Up to 3 layers/min.
Filter feature Low level
Different configurations

Sweeping Head

Gripping Head

Vacuum Head

Column palletizer with sweeping head and ZERO-JUMP technology.

Special Sweeping head features equipped with flex movable plane and automatic inner guides adjusting system according to layer dimensions.

The unique accumulation table terminal section consisting of: special collapsing belt system in order to give smooth access to the flex movable plan of the Sweeping head.

Moreover such system provides ZERO-JUMP of the bottles layer between accumulation table and flex movable plane during the pick-up and sweep operations.

The machine can be equipped with pick up head with inflatable tubes for layers of bottles and vacuum plate to pick up layers of wide mouth containers.

All automatic palletizing systems can be equipped with industrial PC (HMI) to allow the following advantages:

  • Historical record of all alarms;
  • Storing in memory of all recipes;
  • Storing in memory of operating and maintenance manuals;
  • Storing in memory of wiring and ladder diagrams;
  • Troubleshooting display to provide an immediate solution.