Low level palletizer

Production speed up to 4 layers/min.

Main features

Different configurations From 1 to 4 infeed
Filter feature Low level infeed
Stationary pallet
Pallet dimension 1000/800 x 1200 mm*
Full pallet height max 2000 mm*
Production Up to 4 layers/min
Installed power 12 kW
Tension 400/480V
Control voltage 24V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Compressed air consumption max 150 NL/min.
Noise level dBA 76

Machine designed for medium production speed; it's equipped with continuos case divider (up to 4 lanes), case rotating unit, layer pusher, layer pad inserter, if requested by the palletization program.

Pallet is steady on roller conveyor, therefore it's the layer releasing platform, with central opening, which moves up and down from pick-up station to pallet.

*Emmeti realises different solutions according with special requirements. The indicated values depend on the characteristics of the cans, pallet and of the accessories.