High level automatic depalletizer

Production speed up to 4 layers/min.

Main features

Pallet dimension standard 1120 x 1420 mm*
Full pallet height standard 2000 mm*
Operating capacity 4 layers/min.
Installed power 12 kW


Control voltage 24V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Compressed air consumption max 150 NL/min.
Noise level dBA 84
Filter feature High level outfeed
Mobile pallet

The model MT 582 is of new modular conception and this allows different positioning solutions. This new conception, moreover increases the automation degree up to the operator exclusion.

The machine is particularly suitable for all the medium-high speed requirements.

The concept of pushing translation has been designed with a specific device suitable to compact the products during the pushing phase by making this activity high reliable and speedy at the same time.

The outfeed of the product is from the high level.

* Emmeti realises different solutions according with special requirements. The indicated values depend on the characteristics of the cans, pallet and of the accessories.