Shuttle trolley

To pick-up and deliver full pallets and dunnage materials

Main features

Production From 1 to 6 pallets seats
Range Full and empty pallets and/or dunnage (layer pads, topframes, trays)

Designed to:

  • Pick-up full pallets from each palletizing line and deliver them to strapping and/or shrink-wrapping line.
  • Pick-up dunnage materials from buffer lines and deliver them to each palletizing line.

Based on number of palletizing lines, shuttle car is equipped from 1 up to 6 pallet loading conveyors. A shuttle can temporaneously interact with another one, if requested by customer, in order to also cover the working area of the other one out of order.

Shuttle cars are equipped with mechanical pressors to provide more stability to their loads and safety devices, such as anti-cutting extendable pallet conveyors and anti-collision photocells and/or bumpers.