Case former

Case former for corrugated cardboard with bottom sealing by "Hot Melt" glue

Main features

Capacity (c.p.h.) up to 2400
Folded cartons magazine 400
Installed power (kw) 6
Air consumption (lt/min at 6 BAR) 60
Weight (kg) 1400
Glue type HOT MELT
Case minium size L250xW170xH220
Case maximum size L400xW400xH350

Machine designed with monoblock frame to allow a simple and quick installation. Equipped with a carton opening device with suction caps activated by a vacuum pump. Carton destacking from magazine by horizontal motorized arm, while transfer system to forming section is carried out by a driven pushing bar during sealing of carton.. Job changes are easily performed with the help of millimetric reference guides and without any tools. The electrical panelboard is equipped with PLC for the control and operating performance of unit.