Hyper Depreciation 250% - Industry 4.0

Enabling the future of manufacturing

“The fourth industrial revolution makes production faster, more efficient and more flexible through smart, connected systems along the entire value chain. Man and machine communicate in new dimensions”

Following the Industry 4.0 project in Germany, Italy has reacted with enthusiasm and concreteness as proved by several individual companies first and then by the recent adoption of the National Plan Industry 4.0 promoted by the Italian Government.

The National Plan for Industry 4.0 considers different and consistent incentives for investment in equipment and technologies 4.0: Hyper Depreciation (250%), Super Depreciation (140%), New Law Sabatini, R&D. These incentives are mostly cumulative, making this investment even more attractive.

All the EMMETI group machines/equipments are Industry 4.0 Ready according to the requirements of Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0:

  • Control by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and / or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller);
  • Interconnection with factory-computer systems with remote upload of instructions and / or part program;
  • Automated integration with the factory logistics system or with the supply network and / or with other machines in the production cycle;
  • Interface between man and machine simple and intuitive (HMI);
  • Compliance with the latest safety, health and work hygiene parameters.
In addition, our products are equipped with two of the following additional features to make them assimilable or integrable to cyberphysical systems:

  • Remote maintenance and / or telediagnosis and / or remote control systems;
  • Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by an appropriate set of sensors and process activity adaptability.
Our machines can be further customized in order to satisfy additional requirements. For more information, please contact our sales office at emmeti@emmeti-spa.it or at +39-0522-861911